The Internet Marketing Business

Setting up and maintaining multiple streams of income through an internet marketing business.

If you would like to make extra money online, like most people you may find the prospect daunting. Running an internet marketing business is not easy. But, it is very achievable. Once you have taken the steps and advice offered on many of the pages on this site, you can be in a position to create small income streams. Now, if somebody told you, "I can show you how to make $5 a day", running an internet marketing business, you would probably laugh and say why bother? Correct? OK, so suppose that once you have this $5 a day process up and running, and all you have to do is follow the same principles used to create it, to build another $5 a day stream. It doesn't take Einstein to work out that pretty soon you will have a nice daily income. The trick is getting the first stream up and running.

Online-based business opportunities come under many different categories. Ranging from affiliate marketing, web based advertising (adsense being the most well known), ebay selling, pay per lead generation and commision based direct sales. Now I can only speak from my own personal experience here, but the fastest way to get up and running, is to follow a simple step by step process as follows...

1/ Choose a domain name that is available. They are very cheap now, under $10 a year, but make sure it is a dot com. People remember this more than any other domain tag.

2/ Find a hosting company. I can fully recomend Blue Host (link on the left of the page). It costs a couple of hundred dollars for a good account (two years span), multiple domains and email etc. To me this is a must have. Without a website you are severely limiting your money making potential.

3/ Apply to google for an adsense account (free).

4/ Apply to clickbank for an affiliate account (free).

5/ Using any number of free website templates available, build a site with adsense code pages, that use your google id. From this point on, anybody who clicks your ads, makes you money.

6/ Choose some products to promote on clickbank, create 'hoplinks' to them using your affiliate links and place these in html links. Whenever anybody buys a product from clickbank from your link, you receive commission.

7/ Create a google adwords account and setup some pay per click campaigns pointing to your affiliate links.

Ok, so I have massively over-simplified this process. But, why re-invent the wheel. If you want to do this, and do it correctly, every single aspect of this and much much more is available directly through the banner page immediately below this...Carbon Copy marketing. I can 100% recommend it.

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